Platform Sneakers x Cutoffs

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Do you ever wear something that just makes you feel incredibly happy? For me shirts that have my favourite movies on them always make me smile- I have a Star Wars t-shirt and pajama pant collection that has gotten pretty large at this point. When I saw this sweatshirt in Forever 21 for $10, I knew it had to join the collection of shirts that just make me smile.

This is a super casual look for me; I told my husband I was wearing a sweatshirt and tennis shoes when we went out. Apparently this look doesn’t register as a “t-shirt and trainers” in his book…. I started thinking about how my definition of casual t-shirt and jeans is a little bit more than other people’s; which is why today I’m sharing three tips on how to kick up your casual look:

1: Kick up your kicks!

These metallic platform tennis shoes are completely unique and not your standard shoe. They are just as comfy as my athletic one’s though- case in point: I wore them walking around NYC for 12 hours last week. There are a ton of standout tennis shoes out there right now! Here are some of my favs:

2: Don’t go casual with your accessories!

I always use a dressier purse than what I’m wearing; it acts as a contrast that adds interest and steps a look up. Here are some of my favourite mini purses (I seriously can’t get enough of the tiny style!):

3: Add some layers!

Summer styling can be hard when you can’t play with textured layers like in the winter. Layers can always pick up and elevate any look! The key to summer ones are to keep them thin and simple. This Top Gun sweatshirt is super thin, and layers perfectly with a tissue tee to keep me cool outside and warm inside when I hit that air conditioning!



PS: I love love love these shoes so much! In addition to the fact that this sweatshirt was only $10, the sunnies were under $5 which means this look was a major score on top of being cute.

Make Monday x A Courageous Beauty

I’m so excited so have my blogging bestie Shell from A Courageous Beauty is taking over the page today. She is a gorgeous, witty, and smart gal who doles out some amazing advice on how to be brave with your beauty and fashion choices, as well as your life.



Thank you Kait for letting me take over your blog today! I am so excited to be here and I feel incredibly honored to be a part of Make Mine Maroon.  This summer’s hottest pastels are coming to you in one big, bold swatch for this hot season. Give your lips a fresh update with Smashbox. Smashbox lipsticks are luscious and creamy and will have you stealing the spotlight!
FAMOUS – A versatile nude lip color for this summer gives you the freedom to vamp up your eyeshadow and chose whatever color palette your heart desires.
PUBLICST – Reach for a vampy wine lip color that doesn’t have any brown tones to it. A brown tone will instantly wash out with your sweet summer tan.
POUT – Choose a cheerful swipe of POUT lipstick for a sweet summer romance and a fresh, elegant statement.
TABLOID –  Experiment with purple lipstick. The best tip on how to wear purple lipstick is to really take your time choosing a color that works best for your skin tone. Ladies with warm skin tones will probably look better wearing a a deeper, darker purple with a red tone to it. While ladies with cool skin tones can take their pick amongst tons of cooler purples.
TALK – This is by far the hottest color of the year! Bright pink is calling out your name this season and this face-brightening hue looks gorgeous on any skin tone. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup calm and neutral and keep your lips the center of attention.
GETFIRED – Red lips will never go out of style and they are just as hot in the summer as they are in the winter. Choose one with blue undertones for a softer look.

Kisser tip:
Make your lipstick last all day by applying it with a lip brush rather than straight out of the tube. This allows the color to really get into the lip and helps it stay longer.

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Summertime x Hello Again

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Everyone knows that life is unexpected and full of surprises. When I left for my road trip two weeks ago, I had content planned for the blog. I set up guest posts, saved pictures, planned media posts. Then surprise! Summertime and vacation dreaming took over everything.

My Sweet Baboo and I drove (rather than flew) across the country for his graduation, and everything just stopped. We were in the midwest, had limited cell service and the most gorgeous summertime weather. I stopped the crazy pace, I stopped the constant updates, instead I enjoyed what was right in front of me, and time with those I love.

I spent time on the prairie thinking and reevaluating all I have been putting into my life. What and who needed to be in it, and the things and people that really don’t need to be. I don’t think I realized how much I needed rejuvenation mentally, especially creatively. I feel as though I have a spark again, and I’m ready to charge ahead and be the best I can be. I promise I didn’t forget entirely about the blog, instead I came up with some all new ideas for themes and content and so much more!

I’m sorry to my loyal readers and blogging buddies; I didn’t’ mean to disappear. I appreciate all the sweet comments you left and sent. I am so happy to be back in touch, and am looking forward to growing closer with each and every one of you.

Here’s to the beauty that is summertime, to family and friends, to sun and fun, and to everything that makes us happy!


PS: I have to disclose that I did take lot’s of time to keep up on my schoolwork! Somethings just can’t be given a break. So close to being done though!!!!

Swim Season x Adore Me

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I don’t know about you, but I find swimsuit shopping incredibly difficult. You want the fabric to not be flimsy, the cut to be flattering, and the colours to be perfect for any vacation! Fortunately, Adore Me has swimsuits that fit all three of these categories to perfection and I can’t tell you how much I love my new blue and purple suit. One pieces have definitely made a comeback in the past few years, and this suit really shows why:

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The seaming is soooo flattering; it gives one the allusion of a perfect hourglass figure. The colours are so dreamy, and perfect for sitting by the pool or hanging at the beach. I love the dip at the top- a little bit of sexy and the perfect style accent. I will say the strap is removable, so goodbye tan lines but if your chilling in the surf you won’t lose your swimsuit if a big wave gets you.

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Adore Me’s swimsuit line ranges from XS to 3X, which means you will be able to find the perfect fit. I love that you get to try the suit in the privacy (and lighting!!!) of your own home- if you do need a different size exchanges are quick and easy. I’ve linked some of my favourite one pieces and cute bikinis below!

Do you have a swimsuit pet peeve or a go to style? I would love to hear about it!



Shopping Saturday x Shein

These days there are so many places to shop, on and offline- and new trends pop up every other day! What’s a gal to do? I know how important it is to shop sustainable pieces, and how important it is to invest in the classics. However, sometimes there are those trends you want to try without investing a small fortune into it.

That’s where places like Shein come in, they offer the latest trends immediately and for an amazing price! I’ve listed some of my top picks from the website for today’s Shopping Saturday. I have collaborated with, and purchased from Shein several times and have always been impressed with the items I received. I understand they wont last me a lifetime, but they do last the season I am obsessed with it and then I responsibly recycle.

Do you have a place for quick shopping for the latest item you desire? Oh by the way, Shein offers 40% off your first purchase!!! So fill that cart to the top before ordering; Happy Shopping Saturday babes!